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First in the area to carry the Conklin Roofing Systems. Cool, reflective roof coatings made of acrylic, which offer superior protection against the elements and provide substantial energy efficiency.
everlast A roof is a long term investment -- not just another expense. You can be sure that Conklin Roofing Systems are a smart investment to keep your bottom line strong.  •Spray Polyurethane Foam System •Metal Roof MR Restoration System •Single Ply Membrane System •Fabric Reinforced Roofing System •Membrane Coating System •Cleaners, Primers and Accessories zzlocal facebook everlast youtube zzlocal facebook reflect Quality you can count on! heatform ceci
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Low Life Cycle Cost & Durability High-quality, pre-painted metal roofs afford an attractive life cycle cost in addition to may other advantages. They will not crack, shrink, or erode, making them a long lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials. Choice of Design, Appearance, & Color A hometowner can achieve the “designer” look with a wide selection of styles and colors. The aesthetically unique roofs will likely have a positive influence on re-sale. Weight When compared to some heavy weight alternatives, pre-painted metal affords a very light-weight roof. Installation over Existing Roofs Pre-painted metal can usually be installed over existing roofs. Disposal of old conventional materials can be difficult and costly. The use of pre-painted metal can often solve this problem. Fire Resistance Metal doesn’t burn! Non-combustibility should offer protection from the external hazards such as wind-blown sparks or lightening when properly grounded. Wind Resistance Properly installed pre-painted metal roofs should not need periodic repair or replacement due to wind damage or storms. Water Absorption Properly installed pre-painted metal roofs do not absorb water or moisture. Water can damage most other roofing materials by rotting, cracking, or during a freeze-thaw cycle. Snow & Ice Shedding Pre-painted metal readily sheds snow and ice, a distinct advantage in high snowfall areas. Sound Deadening Rain noise on a metal roof is not a factor when installed over a flat deck of insulation. Energy Efficient Consider the radiant heat reflectance of light colored metal in warm climates, resulting in cooling cost savings.